Crazy Girls clip Resmondo at the 33rd Toys for Tots at Big League Dreams – Cathedral City, CA


Crazy Girls – Los Angeles, CA – Men’s Major Champions
Crazy Girls’ Andrew Collins
Crazy Girls’ Filip Washington
Crazy Girls’ Chris Grinert
Crazy Girls’ Dale Brungardt
Resmondo/SIS/Thunder/RDD/H. Auto – Winter Haven, FL – Men’s Major 2nd Place
TPJS/Seminoles/NACSF, Inc./Miken/SIS – Tulsa, OK – Men’s Major 3rd Place
#R2R – Phoenix, AZ – Women’s AA Champions
Dirty Sports/Interracial Bears – Shoreline, WA – Women’s AA 2nd Place
NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics - Bakersfield, CA - Women’s AA 3rd Place
NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics – Bakersfield, CA – Women’s AA 3rd Place
SFK/A&S Constructers – Pomona, CA – Women’s AA 4th Place
OTT Ladies – Las Vegas, NV – Women’s D Champions
Goonettes– Cypress, CA – Women’s D 2nd Place
Code Red – Phoenix, AZ – Women’s D 3rd Place
Juiced Up – Lake Elsinore, CA – Women’s D 4th Place
33rd Toys for Tots’ Tournament Director, Sean Melvin, George Davidson, Slow Pitch Director, Victor Rivera, GSL West Region National Director/USSSA West Region Senior National Director, and Jacob Zoria, Slow Pitch Director
USSSA California State Director, Sean Melvin (left) and Big League Dream/Cathedral City’s GM, Ed Farmer.
Doc Beckwell is busy with an easier way to reference rules in a quick manner.
Premier Athletics’ (left to right): Javier Lizarraga, Andre Magallon, Armando Amas and Dork Magallon.
Shirts ‘N Logos’ Jason Strebig always has a nice selection of quality apparel as he crosses the country.
Easton Sports had a presence allowing players to test their 2020 models.

Among the many new improvements at Big League Dreams in Cathedral City/Palm Springs, CA are infields, second to none.

OLE’ to the 2019 season….see you in 2020!!