Launch of Big Time Softball

The launch of our website marks a significant milestone in Big Time Softball's journey. With a commitment to revolutionizing high school softball recruitment, our platform offers a dynamic array of services that empower athletes and coaches alike. Central to our offerings are personalized player profiles that capture each individual's journey and performance metrics, seamlessly updated after every BTS event. These profiles serve as the nucleus of our database, offering a treasure trove of data for aspiring players and a streamlined scouting process for college coaches.

Moreover, our website provides a comprehensive resource hub, offering access to trends, news, and upcoming events in the dynamic world of softball. For players, this means staying informed and engaged with the sport's ever-evolving landscape. For coaches, it equates to effortless access to players' game locations via integrated GPS, ensuring they never miss a chance to witness prospects in action. In this unified ecosystem, we're fostering connections and growth, redefining how high school softball players embark on their path to college recruitment, and ultimately, collegiate success.