Keystone State Bombers Scout Day Recap 9/19/2023

The Keystone State Bombers Scout Day recently unfolded as a true showcase of talent and potential, revealing the bright future of high school softball. In an exposure event where the spotlight is on the players, specific categories are used to determine the top performers, offering a comprehensive look at their abilities. Here's a breakdown of the key categories and the exceptional athletes who excelled in each one.

The Need for Categories: Measuring Abilities

In the world of softball, assessing a player's capabilities is crucial, especially in an exposure event where aspiring athletes aim to catch the eyes of scouts and college recruiters. These selected categories are the yardstick by which abilities are measured:

The 40-Yard Dash:

Speed is a fundamental aspect of softball, and the 40-yard dash is the ultimate test of a player's quickness challenging a player's second gear after reaching the normal distance from home to first. Amelia Trout led the way with a blistering 5.21 seconds, showcasing her explosive speed. Right on her heels were Kali Peifer (5.25), Angelina Calhoun (5.37), Kendal Newswanger (5.43), and Julia Rhoads (5.55), proving that speed is an essential attribute on the softball field.

Hitting Exit Velocity:

Exit velocity reflects a batter's ability to make solid contact and drive the ball. Julia Rhoads emerged as the top performer in this category with an impressive exit velocity of 74.8 mph. Kali Peifer (68.8 mph), Amelia Trout (68.8 mph), Paige Baxter (66.9 mph), and Lily Ashton demonstrated their hit tool, underlining the importance of squaring up the ball.

The Long Ball:

In crucial game moments, the ability to send the ball soaring can be a game-changer. Caitlyn McCoach stole the spotlight with an astonishing hit that traveled a remarkable 237 feet. Kailee Detz (214 ft), Mackenzie Maki (211 ft), Amelia Trout (211 ft), and Kali Peifer (201 ft) showcased their power, emphasizing the impact of long-distance hits.

Position Player Velo:

A strong throwing arm from field positions can deter base runners and change the course of a game. Amelia Trout displayed an electrifying throwing arm, reaching an impressive 60 mph—the only player to do so. Kali Peifer (58 mph), Angelina Calhoun (58 mph), Gabriella Bigler (57 mph), and Mackenzie Maki (55 mph) all displayed tremendous arm strength.

Catcher Pop Times:

Pop times are vital for assessing how good a catcher is at picking off base stealers. Gabriella Bigler led the way with an impressive 2.09-second pop time, followed closely by Jenna Ernst (2.25 sec), Makya Botek (2.28 sec), and Ellie Comerford (2.43 sec), showcasing their quick reflexes behind the plate.

Pitch Velocity:

Pitchers have a unique role in softball, and velocity can make all the difference. Kali Peifer displayed her versatility as a player with a max pitch velocity of 59.2 mph, followed by Alivia Noecker (56.9 mph), Shannon Bratton (56.5 mph), Julia Rhoads (52.9 mph), and Kailee Detz (52.8 mph), all showing what dominance looks like from the mound.

The Keystone State Bombers Scout Day's use of these categories not only spotlighted exceptional athletes but also emphasized the multifaceted nature of the sport. These remarkable performers proved that softball encompasses various skills and attributes, making it a dynamic and captivating game. Congratulations to all the top performers who left an indelible mark on the field!