About Us

We are Big Time Softball, where innovation meets women's amateur softball scouting and recruitment. Our passion for connecting talented high school softball players and college coaches led us to create a platform for athletes looking to perform at the next level.

We believe in the power of data-driven insights and have meticulously chosen metrics that provide a detailed assessment of every play made on the field in order to translate numbers into a tangible analysis of a player's true potential.

 We pride ourselves on using the latest in sports technology to gather reliable and consistent data that enables players and coaches to identify strengths and areas of improvement as well as to accurately track their progress over time. Our commitment to quality and precision remains unwavering and allows us to provide unparalleled accuracy in assessing player performance through the use of radar guns, FlightScope technology, Blast Motion, and laser timers.

For years, mens baseball has had extensive resources to provide high quality performance tools and assessments and we are excited to bring the same opportunities to the world of softball. Our approach involves bringing college coaches to our events, where they can witness firsthand the exceptional talents of prospective players. We organize and rank data and video, making it easy for coaches to identify the most promising prospects within each metric as well as viewing individual player profiles with the option to receive updates by following players of interest. 

We are here to streamline the recruitment process for both players and coaches. While we may not claim to be the sole answer to college recruiting, we aspire to be the top resource in the country by providing the crucial insights that coaches need to make informed decisions and to assess prospective players based on their skill sets.

 Our dedicated team is committed to empowering players, championing their ambitions, and providing the necessary tools and resources needed to navigate the complex college recruitment process. We are fueled by the desire to connect talent with opportunity, and we are excited about the journey ahead.

Join us on our mission as we connect amateur softball players with their future.