Manheim PA College Exposure Event Scout Notes

A look back at our Manheim event February 25th, 2025.

Keystone State Sports played host to our college exposure event which had nine college coaches on site and players from all over PA. Here is who stood out and why!

Two Way Standouts:

Kali Peifer | 2025 | RHP/OF | Landisville, PA

Peifer had a phenomenal showing at Keystone State Sports and garnered plenty of attention from the coaches on site.  Peifer displayed good speed with a 3.2 home to first time and a 5.5 40yd dash.  She had the second best exit velocity of the day at 70mph and topped out at 58.8 mph on the mound.  Her curve ball had almost nine inches of break to it and those were just two of five pitches in her repertoire.  Kali showed why she could be a legitimate candidate as a two way player at the next level.

Kennedy Stahl | 2025 | RHP/1B | State College, PA

Kennedy left Manheim as a top performer on multiple levels.  She had the top exit velocity of the day at 70.3mph and has hit balls over 220 ft. On the mound, four of her five pitches are over 50mph and her curveball, screwball and drop ball all have 10 inches of movement with the ability to throw them all for strikes.  

Pitching Standout

Alivia Noecker | 2028 | RHP/1B | Sinking Springs, PA

The 5’8” RHP showed pop at the plate with a 66mph exit velocity and a ball that traveled 202ft, but her stature and presence on the mound as just an 8th grader is what really is intriguing about Noecker.  Already throwing fastballs at 59mph, a curve ball at 56mph with 10.7” of vertical movement and a devastating drop ball at 49mph with over 11” of break, should give college coaches a lot to dream on and follow as she progresses through her high school career.  Alivia is a high level follow for years to come!

Positional Standouts

Taylor Lawrence | 2025 | C/3B | Camp Hill, PA

Taylor found herself at the top of the leaderboards in multiple instances. Lawrence had a 2.1 pop time as a catcher and an overhand throw of 57mph.  She ran a 3.1 home to first and had a top exit velocity of 68.1mph.  

Paige Baxter | 2025 | SS | Lancaster, PA

Paige Baxter put on display why she is getting attention from multiple Division 1 schools in her recruiting process.  At just 5’4”, her compact swing generated exit velocities over 68mph and she hit balls out to 208ft.  Though her arm strength isn’t a stand out metric, her quick glove to hand exchanges and lightning fast release, coupled with consistent accurate throws from the left side of the infield make her a very intriguing prospect.  

Angelina Calhoun |2026 | SS/OF | Lancaster, PA

Angelina is a very toolsy softball player.  Calhoun ran a blazing 3.0 home to 1st and a 5.3 40yd dash.  She posted the top infield velocity of the day at 59mph  and her top exit velocity for the day was at 69mph.  Her blast motion numbers were just as impressive as her on plane% was 85.5% and her hand speed was 21.4mph.  Angelina is still raw in some of her movements, but with some refinement she could quickly become one of the most notable players in the state.