West Chester Preseason Player ID Scout Notes

March 2, 2024 | West Chester, PA 

There was a plethora of talent on display at our pre-season player ID event in West Chester, PA, with players traveling from as far away as Carmichaels, PA to attend. 

Katie Wagett | 2025 | C/3B | Carmichaels High School | Carmichaels, PA

Katie was one of the most athletic standouts at the pre-season player ID event and she found herself at the top of the leaderboard for several categories when all was said and done. Offensively, Wagett showed quick hands paired with a violent yet controlled swing to produce consistent line drives and power to all fields as demonstrated by her 68 MPH max exit velocity and an event best 254’ max distance. Defensively, Wagett was stellar behind the dish where she showed off a plus arm and the ability to make strong throws from her knees and upright. Her best pop time was a 1.87 (tops at the event) and she was 58MPH from the crouch. Perhaps her most impressive segment of the day came during sprints where she registered the top 20 and top 40 yard times with a 3.1 and a 5.4 respectively. 

Madalyn Myers | 2025 | OF  | Pine-Richland High School | Gibsonia, PA

Myers found herself at or near the top of the leaderboard in several categories following her stellar showing at the event. The LHH OF utilized her athletic 5’6” frame to produce a max exit velocity of 65.6 MPH off the bat. Myers also showed off an impressive arm, with an overhand throw from the OF of 57 MPH. 

Ali Jacobs | 2025 | 3B/1B | Carmichaels High School | Carmichaels, PA

One of the more impressive rounds of BP on the day came from 2025 CIF Ali Jacobs. Jacobs, a 5’10” RHH,  utilized a slow and controlled load before using her fast hands to explode through the strike zone with a max bat speed of 67.6 MPH, producing an event best bat exit velo of 69.6 MPH. Defensively, Jacobs demonstrated athleticism, agility, and proper footwork to navigate both corner infield positions.

Bailey Barnyak | 2026 | RHP/SS | Carmichaels High School | Carmichaels, PA

Barnyak is a dynamic athlete with legit two-way potential. The 5’6” RHP/SS showed off her explosive athleticism during sprints where she put up a 3.2 second home to first time. At the dish, Barnyak starts with a square stance and her hands at shoulder height before going into a quiet and measured load. From there, Barnyak explodes to the ball, producing an 18.5 MPH hand speed and a max exit velocity of 63.2 MPH. Defensively, Barnyak showed solid range and footwork coupled with what was one of the strongest arms of the day, registering overhand throws of 58 MPH. From the rubber, the RHP showed an electric arm and the ability to throw all 5 of her pitches for strikes, with her FB reaching a max velocity of 59.4, good for best at the event. 

Amanda Brawley | 2029 | OF/3B | Patton Middle School | Kennett Square, PA

One of the youngest athletes in attendance, Brawley made herself known as an athlete to follow moving forward. The 5’4” OF/3B was solid throughout the day, registering a 3.2 second home to first time, overhand throws of 50 MPH, and a max bat exit velocity of 59 MPH.